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Thunder Road Adolescent Treatment Centers

Admissions Support/Recovery Counselor

Location: Oakland, CA

Placement Type: Direct Service,Direct Service,Direct Service

Concern Area: Addiction and Recovery,Children and Youth,Multi-Category

Thunder Road’s mission is to assist youth and their families in the challenges to recover from the abuse of alcohol, drugs, and nicotine. Thunder Road supports their growth to become healthy, connected, and honorable members within our neighborhoods and communities. The Volunteer will help in preparing for new clients and will be an integral part of helping them get settled into the building and feeling comfortable and supported in the program. Additionally, the Volunteer will participate in creating a safe and positive home environment for the clients and participate in the supervision, protection, and support of clients while they are under the care of Thunder Road. The Volunteer should have the ability to be self-directed and work independently and the ability to stay calm and not feed into drama. The Volunteer should be organized, creative, flexible, motivated, resposible, patient, understanding, and computer literate. www.thunderroadtreatment.org