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Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Services (LIRS)

Legislative Assistant

Location: Washington, DC

Placement Type: Advocay/Public Policy

Concern Area: Immigration and Refugees

LIRS is the US Lutheran Churches' agency for service with uprooted people. Since 1939, it is has become a broad multi-service and advocacy agency that addresses the needs and rights of uprooted people at local, regional, national, and international levels. The Washington office works to ensure just government policies for refugees and other immigrants through advocacy and education. The LVCer engages in a broad range of activities to advance legislation and educate Congress about the needs of refugees and immigrants. The LVCer researches and drafts memoranda about legislation and policy affecting immigrants and refugees; researches members of Congress and their backgrounds; attends meetings with staff of Congress and non-profit coalition organizations; communicates with Lutheran leaders, pew members, and other constitituents. The LVCer should be comfortable engaging in both research and written work as well as substantial external relations work requiring contact outside the office. www.lirs.org