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Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Services (LIRS)

Program Fellow, Access to Justice

Location: Baltimore, MD

Placement Type: Advocay/Public Policy

Concern Area: Immigration and Refugees

LIRS is an advocacy agency that addresses the needs and rights of uprooted people at local, regional, national and international levels. The Volunteer works with the staff attorney, in conjunction with the organizational capacity building unit, to assess the services provided by LIRS affiliates. The Volunteer updates service providers on changes in immigration law, plans trainings for partners, assists with the detained torture survivors support network, attends liaison meetings with federal agencies in DC, writes public education materials for the website, responds to letters from people in immigration detention to connect them to local services or refer them to the Forgotten Refugees Campaign, and assists with the development and implementation of a training program for staff at detention facilities. The Volunteer should have a strong interest in working on behalf of immigrants and refugees, have excellent written and oral communication skills, be detail-oriented, and able to interact with various groups (lawyers, detainees, government officials, and detention center staff) effectively. www.lirs.org