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Kids Matter

Social Services/Community Resource Specialist

Location: Milwaukee, WI

Placement Type: Indirect Service

Concern Area: Children and Youth

Kids Matter Inc. exists to help children in foster and kinship care thrive by putting the needs of children first, building collaborative child-centered systems of support, and holding accountable those who fail to act in the best interests of these children.  The Volunteer assesses needs of families served for specific types of donations and which of these needs the agency is able to best meet directly, and which are best met through referral or partnerships with existing agencies; continues developing and implementing the donations model; coordinates the donations model with the series of events for kids; develops a strategic plan relating to donations and events; The Volunteer can choose between two options: 1) direct work with families, meeting with them in their homes, assessing needs, matching them with services; or 2) policy advocacy.  Option one involves exposure to social work, personal advocacy and direct work with families.  The second option involves more writing, research and organizational skills.  www.kidsmatterinc.org