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Earth Ministry

Outreach Coordinator

Location: Seattle, WA

Placement Type: Advocay/Public Policy

Concern Area: Environment

Earth Ministry engages people of faith in environemental stewardship and advocacy, working with individuals and congregations to inspire and mobilize the religious community to play a leadership role in building a just and sustainable future for all of Earth's inhabitants. The Outreach Coordinator has lead staff responsibility for engaging members in Earth Ministry’s congregational programs and provides additional support for the environmental advocacy program. Responsibilities include representing Earth Ministry in member congregations and at events, leading 2-3 program trainings throughout the year, soliciting member involvement in special events, assisting in advocacy efforts, organizing volunteers, and ensuring effective distribution of Earth Ministry materials. The Volunteer should have excellent interpersonal skills and some experience with public speaking. A background in environmental studies and/or theology may be helpful, and writing and web skills are a plus. A car may be helpful, but is not required. www.earthministry.org